Dante’s Song and Artprize 2015

I am happy to announce the release of Dante’s Song.  The song is entered into Artprize 2015.  If you are in Grand Rapids for Artprize, please vote for the song.  The vote code is 62175.

Listen and Download for FREE here

On August 13, 2014, the worldwide Handpan community lost one of it’s most prolific players, Dante Bucci. The world of this lovely instrument, the Handpan, had connected Dante and I several times. He was a wonderful soul, and I felt fortunate to have known him. On the day of his passing, our community was in shock. Throughout the day, I came to my own instruments for solace and this song was born. This song is a tribute to Dante, his life, and his music. The song was recorded in Grand Rapids, Michigan at Double D Productions in 2015. It features three handpans, a Halo by Pantheon Steel, and two Bells by Bellart.


Listen to and download Dante’s handpan music below: