5 Years of “Journeys”

My inventory of my first album, Journeys, is approaching it’s end. I have decided to discontinue this album as I move forward in my musical endeavors. I am running a final sale for the final copies of Journeys . If you haven’t picked up this album, now is the time! Once the last physical copies are sold, there will be no more production runs of the album. Digital downloads will still be available.


The Journeys album played an integral role in my life, music, and travels. It is the story of my time traveling in the United States and living in West Africa for the first time. The first song I ever composed, “Sailing!” is a part of the album, as well as some classics such as “Dancing in the Mist” and “Cascade”. These songs are the stories of my adventures in musical form, featuring the Handpan, Didgeridoo, Guitar, Native American drums, and guest vocals by Jessica Lee, of Surya Gita. The album was recorded in Grand Rapids, MI at Double D Productions after returning from living in West Africa for 6.5 months. Artwork by Danny Sorensen Grab a copy of Journeys to have a little piece of these adventures you can listen to anytime!

You can get it shipped to your door for 25% off. The album is ONLY available directly from me at this price through these links below.

USA – $15 shipped…/journeys-online-sale-discontinued-off

International – $20 Shipped
***Ships to most locations worldwide***…/international-online-sale-discontinu…