Music knows no borders…

Music knows no borders… This is why I play music. Yesterday, we wandered through the town and ended up in the library (it’s a private library). We began speaking with Made (mah-day) about the classes they offer there. I was interested in the Bahasa Indonesian language courses. I explained to him how I learn language… That I listen for sound as I would when I’m playing music. I listen and try to repeat in sound, rather than word. I find it a more effective way to pick up language quickly when I’m immersed. Neither of us knew the other was a musician. It turns out Made is the leader of a gamelan orchestra. He pointed to these instruments and told me I could try. After a few moments fumbling around with them, he came over and began to show me some traditional music on them, focused around different polyrhythms. We planned a few minute stop to see the place and stayed well over an hour. His 5 year old son even joined in and was already a fantastic musician after 1 year of training, having learned 12 traditional songs already.