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Journeys: Handpan Solo (2013)
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Journeys: Handpan Solo chronicles over two years of travels throughout North America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia. The journey began with returning to Africa via an overland trip from Eastern Europe to Morocco. The first song written for this album was Caravan, inspired by dreams of the past, when the trade routes between Timbuktu and Marrakesh required long, arduous treks on camel back. My journeys took me through sixteen countries and these songs are the stories as I experienced them. The songs are the emotions from the highs and lows of world travel. They include the challenges faced, the triumphs, the mountain peaks, and desert valleys. Included is the inspiration of remote African and Asian villages, and the Cityscapes of Australia’s bustling cities. They include the people who touched my life along the way and the animals that captured my heart. Close your eyes as you listen and the songs will take you from The Wind and The Waves of Lake Michigan, near my home, to the ancient Temples of Bagan in the mystical country of Myanmar.

Journeys Handpan Solo features 15 songs on the handpan.

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Journeys (2011)


Journeys features my solo compositions from two and a half years on the road.  During this period, my journeys took me from my small hometown in Michigan (USA), across the United States twice, and through West Africa for six months.  Since completing Journeys, I have traveled around the world sharing my music on 5 continents.  “Journeys” features the sounds of the Handpan (Pantheon Halo), the Australian Didgeridoo, Guitar, and Ethnic Percussion.  It also features an Angelic Guest Singer, Jessica Lee of the Kirtan group Surya Gita.  Journey’s features 14 tracks of music from the heart.  The music is great for Yoga, Relaxation, Massage, and More!  Enjoy the CD and let it take you on an inward journey!